Foundations in Nursing - Health Promotion (NSG111)


Co-Requisite Courses

Course Memo

This course introduces the student to the nursing process as the framework for the provision of care to clients. Discussions will launch the concept of holistic client care based on five common interacting variables: physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental and spiritual. These five variables function in relationship with the environment, which are the internal and external stressors that influence the client and affect health. Emphasis will be on primary prevention strategies across the lifespan to maintain optimal wellness. The concepts of secondary prevention and tertiary prevention to regain optimal wellness will be introduced. Therapeutic modalities presented include physical assessment, medication administration, perioperative care, and pain management. Students will demonstrate critical thinking through the development of individualized plans of care that promote health. These plans should incorporate research evidence about healthy lifestyle patterns and risk factors for disease/illness. The clinical aspect of the course allows the student to provide client-centered care within the parameters of professional nursing practice. Prerequisite: Admission to the ADN program. Co-requisite: NSG101. Credit: 7 hours (4 hours theory, 3 hours clinical).