Clinical Trials Research Practicum (RSH615)


Course Memo

Completion of a minimum of 225 hours of a practicum in clinical trials is required for the certificate. The practicum usually begins near completion of formal coursework. The student is required to meet with the course director who will assign an area of research for the student’s practicum experience. The goal of the practicum direct experience component is to provide the student with hands-on exposure to clinical research. The student will work with a mentor and will be actively involved in the development, execution, and evaluation of a clinical research project. During the practicum, it is expected that the student will be exposed to clinical research planning, protocol preparation, interaction with Institutional Review Boards, regulatory requirements, selection of research participants for the clinical trial, study monitoring, and data analysis. Prerequisites: RSH 600, RSH 605, RSH 610 & Corequisite IHS 510. Credit: 5 hours. Clinical Practicum.