Foundations of Nursing - Acute Illness (NSG241)


Prerequisite Courses

Co-Requisite Courses

Course Memo

This course facilitates growth in the application of new and previously learned concepts when caring for clients with acute and complex conditions. Discussions of therapeutic modalities will include appropriate focused assessments utilized in the treatment of acute and complex clients. Clinical learning will promote strong communication skills, multidisciplinary collaboration, and appropriate decision making. The transition from student to novice in the discipline of nursing is supported by a focused client care experience in which the student is assigned a clinical preceptor. During this experience student will demonstrate the ability to provide efficient and effective care for a group of clients utilizing principles of prioritization and delegation and make appropriate clinical decisions based on supporting evidence. Students will participate in quality improvement initiatives designed to improve nursing practice. The clinical aspect of the course allows the student to provide client-centered care within the parameters of professional nursing practice. Prerequisites: NSG203, NSG212, BIO190. Co-requisite: NSG231. Credit: 9 hours (5 hours theory, 4 hours clinical).