Mindfulness for Self-Care (IHS350)


Course Memo

Mindfulness for Self-Care is designed to introduce healthcare students to the art and science of mindfulness, and its role in reducing clinician burnout, through enhanced self-care. Texts provide students the foundational understanding upon which to build a personal practice while supplemental scholarly work from the fields of medicine, nursing, education, psychology and allied health provide a reference point through which students can make meaning of their mindful experiences. Weekly formal and informal practice offers students a consistent and safe place to develop an awareness of their own bodies, thoughts, and feelings that can translate into embodied knowledge, enhanced self-regulation, effective communication, improved self-care, and overall well-being. Experiential assignments, journaling and group experience encourage students to reflect while discovering the many ways mindfulness permeates, positively influences, and reduces suffering in their lives and the lives of others. Credit: 3 hours.

Assigned Books