Foundations in Nursing: Family Health (NSG212)


Prerequisite Courses

Course Memo

This course enhances the student’s ability to apply the concepts of health promotion to family development and family-centered care. Students will continue to broaden their understanding of holistic care while learning how the interacting variables impact the family system. Emphasis will be placed on collaborating with the multidisciplinary team to promote healthy dynamics in family planning, pregnancy, childbirth, child development, childhood illnesses and with clients experiencing problems of the genitourinary and immune systems. Students are expected to demonstrate the refinement of skills and the use of technology in planning and prioritizing individualized care. The clinical aspect of the course allows the student to provide client-centered care within the parameters of professional nursing practice. Prerequisites: BIO220, NSG121, PSY150. Credit: 8 hours (5 hours theory, 3 hours clinical).