Foundations in Nursing-Chronic Conditions (NSG121)


Prerequisite Courses

Course Memo

This course will strengthen the student’s ability to apply the nursing process to plan and provide individualized care for clients experiencing common chronic conditions. Emphasis will be on clinical practice guidelines and research evidence used to guide clinical judgments when caring for individuals with chronic conditions. Common therapeutic modalities utilized to minimize problems of digestion and metabolism, promote oxygenation, tissue perfusion, and mobility will be discussed. Students will also strengthen physical assessment, communication, and collaboration skills. Discussions will guide students in recognizing how effective secondary and tertiary prevention strategies can decrease illness exacerbations that necessitate acute care admissions. The clinical aspect of the course allows the student to provide client-centered care within the parameters of professional nursing practice. Prerequisite: NSG101, NSG111, BIO100, BIO210. Credit: 7 hours (4 hours theory, 3 hours clinical).