Foundations in Nursing: Mental Health (NSG131)


Prerequisite Courses

Course Memo

This course focuses on self-concept, interpersonal relationships, personal coping strategies, stress perception & adaptation, mood stability, and physiologic functioning of the limbic system and neurotransmitters. Ethical and legal standards related to the mental health client will be discussed. Self-awareness and its effects on interpersonal relationships with clients/families will be promoted. Emphasis will be on applying therapeutic communication strategies with clients experiencing situational crises and chronic psychiatric disorders. Evidence-based therapeutic modalities such as milieu therapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, electroconvulsive therapy and psychopharmacology will be discussed. Cultural awareness, the impact of environmental and socioeconomic variables on coping, communication skills, and application of teaching-learning principles will be reinforced through the development of a service-learning project. The clinical aspect of the course allows the student to provide client-centered care within the parameters of professional nursing practice. Prerequisite: NSG121, BIO220, PSY101. Credit: 6 hours (4 hours theory, 1.5hours clinical practice, 5 hours recitation.).