Adult Physical Conditions (OTA140)


Prerequisite Courses

Course Memo

This course focuses on the major diagnostic categories seen in adult physical rehabilitation with an emphasis on theoretical models, signs and symptoms, prognosis, and precautions. Along with the diagnosis itself, comes exploration of the psychological, cultural, and social impacts of each adult diagnosis, and its effects on the client’s performance skills. The students begin to identify management of common issues with client factors, as well as basic occupational therapy treatment techniques for each adult diagnosis. Healthcare disparities among various populations will be explored. Students will fabricate static thermoplastic orthotics with an understanding of appropriate use, design, and precautions. Pre- requisite: OTA 115, OTA 120, & OTA 125. Corequisite: OTA 130, BIO 220. Credit: 3 hours (2 hours theory, 1 hour lab).